Baby Registry Guide : BIRTH REGISTRATION

What Is the Baby Registry Guide ?

Baby registry guide: It is the first record of an individual, essential for him to be recognized as a citizen. It is necessary for any other registration or for issuing documents of various kinds. Baby Registry Guide , as well as the first certificate, is free (Federal Law 9,534 / 1997).  You get more information check this site . https://www.thebabycarepedia.com/best-baby-registry-guide-2020/

Where Is The Baby Registry Guide Done?

All births occurring in the national territory must be registered. The Baby Registry Guide is made by the Official Registry Office of the Civil Registry of Natural Persons, the birth district of the “newborn” or the parents’ residence. 

The Baby Registry Guide


All births occurring in the national territory must be registered within 15 days, extended for another 45 days if the mother is a declarant. In addition to the deadline when the mother declares birth, the law provides for another possibility of expansion: when the distance between the place of birth or home is greater than 30 km from the headquarters of the service. In this case, the term is extended by up to three months (Article 50 of Law 6.016 / 1973). After the expiry of the registration period, only the utility of the circumscription of the residence of the interested party will be competent, pursuant to article 46 of Law 6.015 / 1973. 


The original text of the Public Records Law provided for the payment of a fine for registrations made outside the legal term, with exemption from payment to the poor interested party. However, Law 10,215 / 2001 established gratuity even for registrations made after the expiration of the term, in compliance with Law 9,534 / 1997, which instituted the gratuity of the Birth Registry. 

Necessary Documents

“Declaration of Live Birth” (DNV), provided to parents of newborns by the respective maternity hospitals and hospitals; – Identity card of the person (s) who attends the registry office. In addition to the Identity Card issued by the Public Security Secretariat, identity cards issued by a professional exercise controller, National Driver’s License within the validity period or passport will be accepted in the case of foreigners not domiciled in the country; only one of the spouses is required to present the marriage certificate; 

a) Affiliation Resulting From The Marriage

The declaration for registration can only be made by one of the parents when the father is married to the mother. Motherhood is always certain, while paternity stems from an act of recognition or from the relative legal presumption of paternity through marriage (180 days after marriage and up to 300 days after the dissolution of the conjugal partnership). 

b) Affiliation Outside Marriage

When the parents are not married, they must appear in person at a registry office or through a special power of attorney, so that their names are listed as the registrant’s parents. Another option is the attendance of only one of them, but with a declaration of recognition of paternity (by the father) or consent to the registration (by the mother), requiring the recognition of a signature.  


Birth Occurred At Home

When delivery takes place at home, in addition to personal documents, two major witnesses who are aware of the delivery must attend the registration act. The people who can declare the birth are: 

The father or mother;  

The closest relative, being bigger; – The doctor or midwife who attended the delivery;

The administrator of the hospital where the birth took place; – A suitable person, who has attended the birth, if it did not occur either in the hospital or at the mother’s residence;  

The person in charge of guarding the registrant.  

Father And Mother Under 16

If the mother is under the age of 16, she must appear with her parents or legal representative at the time of Baby Registry Guide . When the father is under 16 years of age, the birth declaration can only be carried out with judicial authorization.

Changing The Registrant’s Name

After the Birth Registration has been made, any change in the registrant’s name can only be made with judicial authorization. To avoid future complications, it is important that the parent, or the registrar, be aware and clear at the time of registration when informing the registrant of the registrant’s first and last name. 

Registration Over 12 Years

For those over 12 years of age, the application for late registration is first addressed to the Registry Officer of the constituency of the interested party’s residence, with the subsequent referral to the Permanent Corregidor Court. 

Precautions – Documents Not Accepted As Identification

baby registration

It is essential for birth registration that the declarant is identified.- Any tampering with the Declaration of Live Birth (DN) is subject to legal punishment- Subtraction of DN from a hospital or maternity is a crime.- Caution is important on the part of of the registrar when confirming with the hospital / maternity, the authenticity of the DN.- If any, the Baby Registry Guide has any doubts in relation to the declarant.

The documents below have NO value as an identification document: 

a) certificate of reservist 

b) the work card 

c) identity cards 

Subsequent alteration or rectification of the name on the identification document, due to marriage, divorce or other causes, does not prevent registration. However, the interested party must present a civil registration certificate proving the name change or rectification. If the identification document contains a material error regarding the name, the declarant may present a civil registration certificate proving the error, thus prevailing the form contained in the certificate.

Information To The Government

SEADE / IBGE – The law on public records establishes that Civil Registry Officers must submit to IBGE, quarterly, a map of births, marriages and deaths that occurred in the previous quarter. In the State of São Paulo, this information is first sent to SEADE – State System for Statistical Data Analysis, which passes it on to IBGE. Based on this information, vital population statistics are produced.

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